Bringing Life to the Heart of your Home

Your kitchen is the center axis on which your home revolves. Food and meals are prepared there with love and attention to detail. Work, or lack thereof, gets accomplished while you enjoy the welcoming vibe a kitchen can give. Personalizing and bringing to life the vision you have for your kitchen is the dream of many homeowners who understand its importance. Here are 5 ways you can build upon the features you already enjoy about your kitchen, and make it stand apart even more.

1. Add Some Light and See the Difference

Everyone has been to a kitchen that had all the newest appliances and beautiful granite countertops but, if proper lighting is lacking then this can dampen the feel of the space. Adding or changing a light fixture is not that difficult and requires little time and money to do. Swapping out an overhead light, or adding light in a different area of the kitchen, can create a new and unique experience. Using a task lamp where you prepare your food or clean your dishes can bring useful light into the space. They can be installed on your wall, ceiling, or just sit on your counter.

2. Put Down a Rug

This might be the easiest improvement you will ever make to your kitchen. Simply go to the store or use a rug you already own to immediately make a difference. Rag rugs’ are a simple choice and are easy to keep clean and, inexpensive. Rugs will also give some texture and a comfort factor to one of the most important rooms in your home.

3. Create Some Extra Storage Space

In a kitchen having too much space is never a problem. Not having enough on the other hand can become frustrating at times but, there is a way to create more space quickly and cheaply. Under wire shelves are an instant way to make space where there wasn’t before. These can be attached under a counter and used to store mugs, glasses, or whatever you need. Double cabinet shelves are also another way to create additional space with minimal effort and instantly give you the space you need.

4. Find a Quality Dish Rack

A cheap dish rack always ends up in the trash after a short period of time. This is not the time to go to IKEA and buy a cheap alternative. Investing in a worthwhile dish rack will not only make doing the dishes easier but, you can find one that fits your style and kitchen.

5. Update Your Switch Plates

This is another creative and convenient way to customize your kitchen. Instead of keeping the same old beige outlet covers that can get grimy, why not get some stainless steel covers? By using switch plates like these you can instantly incorporate a modern flair. Stainless steel covers are a quick clean and usually lie flatter to the wall.

The details of the heart of your home matter. They are a way to catch the attention of anyone who walks into your kitchen. Using these 5 tips is a great way to get started on what is to many the most important piece of a truly beautiful home.







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