Getting Your Home List Ready HGTV Style

Dying to get your house on the market, but do not know where to start? Have you been binge watching HGTV trying to figure out how they are able to flip houses quicker than what it seems to flip pancakes? The Williams Home Team will break down these tips and tricks into a realistic and AFFORDABLE list for you to get your home ready for a seamless sale. Transform your house into the hottest on the market and get TOP DOLLAR. 


Curb Appeal

You need the outside to be inviting, crisp, and bright. Put a fresh coat of paint on the door. Make a brave move into exciting colors, such as red or yellow. Landscaping is a HUGE YES.  Flowers and fresh mulch add a sense of freshness and add life to your entry. Do not forget to keep up with lawn care! 

HINT: Red doors really do make homes sell faster!

Declutter/ Clean

It’s time to minimize your belongings in order to maximize your space. Donate what you no longer need and package what can be put away until you move. Cleaning up your space will create a brighter, cleaner area while giving the illusion of a larger room. Once you have decluttered, now the fun of cleaning will start. Give your home a solid top to  bottom clean. Scrub the tubs and get those floors looking shiny! Having a decluttered and spotless home with gather more interest, while preparing you for your next move. HINT: Reglazing the tub will make it appear as new!


Depersonalization goes hand in hand with decluttering, and is the hardest step for many. We may love your family pictures and sentimental decorations, but when it comes time to list your home, put them away in safekeeping. When potential buyers enter your home, they must be able to picture themselves living there. If they are surrounded by your memories and loved ones, they will feel like visitors. Transform your home into a blank canvas to turn showings into offers. 

HINT: Leave the frames and take out the pictures to avoid exposed nail marks.


Now for the fun part. As you see on HGTV, before the houses hit the market, a staging crew enters the home, and creates a modern, yet welcoming, environment. If you are on a budget, this is still possible and easy! Unlike these shows, you are not working with an empty space. Go to your local store grab some fake plants to add greenery to your home. It will add a splash of color, while adding to the fresh and crisp environment. Other simple things to boost your interior are throw blankets, modern wall art, a fresh rug, vases, and the list goes on. Release your inner Joanna Gaines. 

HINT: You can never go wrong with neutral colors and simple patterns!

Make Your Home Accessible

Now that your home is ready, you need to make it available to the public. When it is time for showings, have reasonable scheduling instructions. Rather than having a twenty-four hour notice, have a two hour notice. Make arrangements for your pets in advance.  When a buyer chooses your house to tour, make sure it is available.

HINT: Have your pets go to daycare or stay with a trusted neighbor.

Hire The Right Realtor

Last but certainly not least, find an honest, reliable, and knowledgeable realtor. Realtors are trained to know the market and neighborhood specifics.  They price it right and negotiate the deal to get you top dollar. For Sale By Owner homes sell for less and stay on the market longer. Use an expert!

The Williams Home Team is a real estate team full of expert realtors who have the tools to get your home sold fast and for the most money. We take you through the home selling process step by step and take all of the stress off of you to create a seamless transaction. 







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