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Community over commission is the motto of the Williams Home Team of Taylor Properties. Associate Broker Doris Williams works with her team in their signature “Gifting for Gratitude” program that serves to help community members by gifting money to local heroes, civil servants, and veterans. Their gifts assist these folks, who do so much for us, with purchasing a home. No matter what time of year, you can bet that Doris and her team have a project going on to help someone in need. When it comes to buying or selling a home, the Williams Home Team works tirelessly so that you don’t have to. Their goal is to create a seamless transaction for every home buyer or seller they are lucky enough to serve. Education is paramount to their mission, and they hold workshops and seminars several times a year, to ensure that every buyer and seller can make well thought out decisions with the proper knowledge and information at hand. They are prepared to help those interested in commercial properties as well as residential homes. International relocation service is available to those coming to Annapolis from other parts of the world. In addition to Teamwork, it’s obvious that the Williams Home Team values Honesty, Integrity, Service, and Knowledge. They are passionate about their real estate matchmaking and helping you find the ideal home.

Doris Williams

Doris Williams is a go-getter with a big heart. She’s an associate broker at Taylor Properties , and head of the Williams Home Team there. She’s competitive when it comes to making moments of magic happen for those
that do business with her. Buying or selling a home is one of life’s biggest transactions, and she loves being
there to educate, to do the legwork, and to make these transactions seamless for her clients. She has set a
precedent for her team, and others in the community, by giving back at every opportunity. It’s clear that she
does what she loves, and brings that passion to every transaction. Doris is also certified as an International
Realty Specialist. In addition, Doris has also participated in extensive realtor safety training and serves as the
Maryland representative for the Beverly Carter Foundation for Realtor Safety.

Annette Walters

How does a ballerina dance her way into a real estate career? Annette Walters knows. After teaching dance for over thirty years, Annette has a new profession. She is entering a real estate career with The Williams Home Team of Taylor Properties, led by Doris Williams. Annette, married with two teenage children, loves to spend spare time and vacations at the beach, especially when she can catch up on her reading and take a dip in the ocean. Family time is essential to her, and she loves to go on outings with her family, or just hang out and relax with them. As she’s fond of saying, “Life’s too short!” The prospect of meeting lots of people in her new profession appeals to Annette, and she is looking forward to expanding her network. Anyone who knows Annette can be sure that she applies dedication to everything that she does. Combine that dedication with her core values of respect and integrity, and there’s no doubt she’ll be a shining star in the real estate world!






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