Cheap Changes for Expensive Looking Finishes

Cheap Changes for Expensive Looking Finishes

Turn your home from drab to fab this fall without breaking the bank. The Williams Home Team will guide you in making minimal changes for the maximum effect. By changing these minor aspects in your home, you will create a luxurious environment that will leave your guests speechless. Did we mention that the costs will stay to a minimum? Read more to find out our tricks to making your home top notch.


Light Fixtures

It’s time to swap out your lights. Have fun with this step. There are endless options. Go for a modern sleek look, a cozy farmhouse environment, or a chic chandelier. Put your style into your light fixtures. Add a flair to your light bulbs by switching to Edison light bulbs. You can even DIY a new light fixture if you’re feeling extra crafty! Driftwood is a perfect place to begin.


Kitchen Knobs

Make your cabinets pop! By switching from your old kitchen knobs to something modern and fun, your kitchen will lose ages off its appearance. If you want a crisp, modern feel, adventure into rectangular handles. Feeling chic? Go for a classic crystal knob. The opportunities are endless. Watch your kitchen brighten and shine with this simple swap.


Outlet Covers & Switch Plates

Upgrade your living space from this minimal effort and cost efficient trick. It’s time to go from your average covers to something with more style. Match your crown molding for a stand out finish. This trick is extremely cost efficient by plays a key role in updating a room.



Have your guests fascinated by your new faucets. This tip will transform any bathroom or kitchen. There are endless options to choose from so have fun with it! Add a flare to the room. Feeling spunky? Let your faucet be your main attraction by going for a mouth dropping piece.


Kitchen Cabinets

You can upgrade your kitchen without having to buy new cabinets. Work with what you have and see the amazing difference. You can either add a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets to liven them up or you can adventure into a new color for a new environment. For a sleek look, stick with the neutrals: white, black, or gray. Wanting a bigger change? Go for a bolder color, such as green or blue. Make your kitchen reflect you.


Power wash

Up your curb appeal and make your home stand out through power washing. Get rid of years worth of aging and watch your home become brand new in front of your very own eyes. Out with dirt and in with the glow! Your home will look newer, fresher, and more inviting.


Remove wallpaper

Watch your rooms immediately brighten by removing old wallpaper. Removing old wallpaper will have you feeling like you have entered a new room. Personalize your rooms with decor. With your new blank walls, you can play around with mirrors, art, frames, and more. You are working with a blank canvas!


Crisp and clean colors

Add harmony to your home by matching rooms wall paint. Go for a nice, clean color for your walls. Heather grey is making a name for itself in 2019. This does not mean you can’t add color. Once your home becomes more neutral, you can add an accent wall of your favorite color. This will not only allow your artistic side to shine, but allow the color to pop more now that it is the star of the room.



Still feeling like something is missing to make your home glow? Scrub your baseboards and add a fresh coat of white paint. This will leave your home feeling fresh and clean. By scrubbing the baseboards you are removing excess dirt and dust throughout your home. By adding the extra layer of paint, you are making them SHINE!







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