We all want our home to look beautiful & have that classy modern luxury look. However, that can seem far out of reach if you have a tight budget. Even if you can afford luxury, it’s always best to save money however you can. Check out our guide to a whole home makeover that will leave you in awe without breaking the bank.


Mirrors on closet doors — These arent the old mirrored doors of the 70s and 80s. It can be as classy as it is functional. And if your bedroom is on the smaller side, mirrors can help it feel larger.

Headboard — Tufted fabric is super trendy right now thanks to the return of vintage styles like Art Deco. Your new DIY headboard will have your bedroom feeling like a lush resort.

Storage bedframe — Clutter makes your home feel anything but luxurious. Shelving around your headboard or under the frame will have your bedroom feeling sleek and refined.

Footboard bench — Glamorous folks don’t stumble around while trying to put on socks. A simple bench at the end of your bed will help.


Reusable bottles — Disposable plastic bottles aren’t classy. Purchase stylish vessels for your soap, shampoo or mouthwash. You can also try this DIY vase-turned-soap dispenser project.

Shower curtain — Maybe you haven’t noticed how dingy it’s gotten, or maybe you’re just tired of the same look. There’s no easier way to introduce new colors, patterns and brightness in a bathroom.

Mirror frame — When you install a frame around a bathroom mirror, you take your sophistication levels up without knocking your bank balance down.

Showerhead — There are so many showerhead options these days, it’s almost ridiculous. Choose from rain showerheads to jets to fixtures with aromatherapy and Bluetooth.

Bathtub surround — If you’re looking to save time and money, replacing the tub is not the best option. Try covering it with beadboard or stone for a less expensive new look.

Matching towels — Hotel towels always match (and it’s not just because they buy in bulk). A coordinated look definitely says you have your act together.

Lighting upgrade — Because there’s nothing luxurious about doing your makeup or shaving in the dark. Make sure you have the right light to get yourself pulled together in the morning.


Painted cabinets — It’s a common suggestion but a good one. If you can’t or don’t want to replace cabinets entirely, just paint them. Simplify it even more by painting only the interiors for an unexpected pop of color each time you open the door.

Glass-front cabinets — It’s like testing out open shelving without giving up your cabinets entirely. Replace all your cabinet fronts with glass or just swap things out on a few select units.

New drawer pulls — When replacing cabinets isn’t in the cards, simply swap out the hardware on drawers and cabinets. It’s much friendlier on your budget and time. Like matching bathroom towels and carpet, coordinate the finish of your new pulls with faucets and other fixtures for a lux look.

Food storage — Ditch the plastic takeout containers that are neither pretty nor environmentally friendly. Invest in glass storage containers. They’ll look nicer in your kitchen and keep edibles fresher longer so you can reduce food waste.

Pantry baskets — Whether you opt for see-through plastic bins or chic woven baskets, this tip keeps your pantry organized and looking sharp. And if you tend to lose food in the back of the cabinet only to find it after it’s gone bad, this hack can help you practice more sustainable kitchen habits.

Backsplash — With peel-and-stick options getting better every day, replacing your backsplash is even easier and more affordable. You might be interested in one of the latest trends of extending a backsplash all the way to the ceiling.

Faux countertops — It’s the countertop version of painting your cabinets. When your favorite material is too expensive, try a DIY faux finish of marble, concrete or granite.

New faucet — Especially if you love the mixed-metals look, this is an easy way to upgrade your style. There are also many shapes and no-touch options that will have you feeling fancy.

Pull-out shelves — If you hate squatting down to find that random baking dish, swapping your bottom cabinets to drawers or outfitting them with pull-out shelving is the way to go.

Refinished kitchen island — You love that you have an island but there’s just something off about it? Refinish the area below the countertop with a fresh coat of paint, beadboard, tile or another material to add a splash of style.

Outlets under kitchen cabinets — They’re out of sight, but they’re so convenient, they certainly won’t be out of mind. Perfect for powering up those small appliances you don’t need every day.

Slim roller shelf — Whether storing cans or spices, slim shelving lets you take advantage of underutilized space, keeps things from looking cluttered and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. This hack also works if you want to slide a bit of shelving between your washer and dryer.

Living Room:

Pillows and throws — A key element of hygge is plush fabrics. Pillows and throws are a great way to achieve that. And when you choose your favorite colors, patterns and styles, it’s an instant facelift for tired-looking couches and chairs.

Fireplace redo — Some people paint the brick, others use stone to give their fireplace an updated look. The most budget-friendly choice might be to add a new mantel or surround.

Sofa cover — While you’re saving up for a new couch, try a slip cover to hide stains and snags. Pet owners know the struggle. Domino also shows how simple and chic it can be to just throw some blankets on for the same effect.

Ottoman — They come in every style, so you’re guaranteed to find something for your unique taste. We mostly love how multipurpose they are — footstool, extra seating, storage bin or coffee table.

Follow this guide & you’ll be living in luxury before you know it!